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Dordogne château bed and breakfast near Brantôme

We are very happy to welcome you to Château de Lannet, in the heart of the Périgord Vert region of Dordogne, France, 10 minutes from Brantôme, that stole our hearts three years ago. Since early april, everything is ready and our 5 charming rooms are available to make sure you have a relaxing stay in exceptional surroundings. Make a reservation now! (rooms from 129€) Guillaume et Constantin

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Five B&B rooms

Bed and breakfast rooms in a 18th century château. And each with its own distinct charm and atmosphere.

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Sightseeing in Dordogne near Brantome


In our part of Dordogne, Brantôme is the most famous village. Other villages have to be visited, find more about them.

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You can now book your room at Château de Lannet to ensure an exceptional stay in Dordogne.

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We’re not saying it but the National Geographic is and you can find the reason why in the article! Dordogne is one of the famous magazine’s top destinations for 2019, mainly for it’s historical background and its châteaux. How convenient! Thanks to Château de Lannet, you can even enjoy the region’s châteaux and stay in a B&B in a château.

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A remote access to fresh air !

If you can't come to Château de Lannet, Château de Lannet is coming to you ! With the help from our Facebook page and our Instagram account, get a regular dose of fresh air, little priviledged moments that will help you to make a short pause and relax! Now, observe the photo, deeply breath in... breath out... One more time. Aren't you feeling better already ?

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Picture of the day

When is the last time you actually saw the milky way ? In the cities and even in the countryside the light pollution coming from the public lighting prevents from seeing the stars. Being in a very small village, and apart from this village, there is not even one public light. On a clear night, preferably in the summer, just look up and a wonderful sight unveils. So many stars, so many constellations... only such an unspoilt sky can elicit that feeling of utter marvel.
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