fleur de cognassier

COVID-19? I should coco!

Unbelievable ! Even here, in the middle of the forest where the air is so pure, we have to take into consideration that microscopic nuisance... just in case it dares showing up. 'Non' to the spacesuit, 'oui' to the simple gestures that allows us to be relaxed and serene. Breath in, breath out... that air air is still so pure...

Thank you in advance for putting up with the constraints, those explained below, and maybe others we may have to set up for verybody's safety.


Our guests already know we did not wait for the covid crisis to be very conscious and active about cleaning. But... it's not just about cleaning now, it is also about evicting the potential virus, and we have found out about the holly 'EN 14476' standard, which is stamped on the cleaning products that kills viruses! We are ready now!

You'll make your bed!

We'd better not encourage the movement of the air between rooms. That's why we no longer daily refresh the rooms, unless it is really necessary. Everything's planned so as to have your confort preserved as much as possible. But you'll have to make your bed... if you wish!

Even less people!

You won't see many people at the château. nevertheless, the Grande tour room is closed for reservation to make sure there aren't more than 10 people at the same time, including us. For the lucky ones who have already booked this room, no change, we will close an other room (if possible)


Prepared with the greatest care, as always, the breakfast will still be served in the dining room, with no more than 2 couples present at the same time at the large table. Thus, the ' social distancing' is preserved. In advance, thank you for your understanding and complying with a more rigid schedule.

New cancellation policy.

There is more uncertainty regarding our movings, isn't there? Your deposit is now refounded until 7 days before arrival.


All our favorite restaurants are open! Some of them are still offering a take away solution. Supermarkets and markets also are a solution to be able to prepare a meal in the pool-house kitchen.

Above all

Above all, we do not want that bloody microbe to spoil the warm and friendly atmosphere we try to inspire. Sharing is still recommended, our guests can get to know each other, if they feel like it, while keeping a distance of 1,5 meter between each other, which is not too drastic, is it? Put some hydroalcoolic lotion on your hands when arriving, wash your hands before leaving your room... et voilà!