the swimming pool at the château de Lannet in Dordogne

Things to do at the château

The sitting rooms

Guillaume and Constantin are pleased to share the two sitting rooms and the library on the groundfloor. Not easy to choose between the red sitting room with 5 big windows that give the impression you are in the garden, and the cozier blue-green sitting room with togo sofas. Well, no need to choose, you can try them both and decide which is the most suitable for checking e-mails, playing board games, chatting to friends, or reading a book you may have found in the library.

the red sitting room at the château view on the chimney in the green sitting room the library at your disposal

The swimming pool (open in season)

The extensive swimming pool is 14x7 meters wide (46x23 feet) so all the guests are welcome to jump in ! It's been built 100 meters from the château so as to preserve everybody's tranquillity and let the swimmers frolic or tan in privacy.The chinese mulberry trees adjoining the pool offer ideal natural shade for hot days, and lovers of sunbathing seeking a place for the deckchair will be spoilt for choice.

The pool is open from April to September and is not heated. The large pool house is equipped with toilet and shower.

Exercise equipment

fitness area

Fitness machines are available in the pool house for those wishing to do some cardio training without leaving the château grounds. A treadmill to run without getting muddy shoes, a stationary bike to train for Tour de France and an elliptic bike to have all the advantages of the afore mentionned apparels while sparing your articulations! You can stop when you like and you are spared the return journey.

Some fun

Yes, we know, swimming is good for exercise... but it can be boring. So how about some different games? Playing sport and having fun at the same time! Nothing too extreme at the château, though some games do get quite competitive. We have table tennis and a badminton set for you to enjoy.