table d'hôte meals at the château de Lannet

Yum yum!

Le petit-déjeuner

Much appreciated by our guests, the breakfast is a priviledged moment that enables us to take care of you to make sure you properly start the day. It consists of a warm drink (tea, coffee or chocolate), a freshly squized orange juice, fresh bread and pastries from the bakery, homemade sourdough 'pain de mie' bread, Dordogne black ham, cheese, homemade or artisanal jams, organic honey from the region, and fried or soft-boiled eggs on demand.

A kitchen in the pool-house

From April to September, our guests can use the kitchen situated in the pool-house to prepare a simple meal. There can be found a fridge, an oven, a microwave, induction hobs and tableware. Find here a list of morning markets where you'll get regional ingredients, and there you are, you can enjoy a meal by the pool.


As regards good restaurants you'll be spoilt with choice. Honestly, it is impossible to list them all. Brantôme and Périgueux being larger cities, you'll find more restaurants and a better chance to find one that fits your tastes and budget. Nevertheless, here are a few adresses we particularly appreciate.
Only display restaurants open for diner today  


12 minutes    -   Open today for diner

Grand hôtel Pélisson

The restaurant of the Grand-Hôtel Pélisson: good reception, good service and great cuisine.
3 Place Alfred Agard, 24300 Nontron - Tél. 05 53 56 11 22 - Mob. 06 44 22 87 93 - Closed on Sunday


10 minutes    -   Closed this evening

La Récré Gourmande

If you want to have a good burger, this is the place : La Récré Gourmande also offers large salads, other meat dishes and delicious gambas. Everything is homemade, desserts included, by Colette, while Yann takes care of you. Make sure to check the location before going as the restaurant is not in the center of Brantôme but in the north access to the city, hence the relaxing bucolic atmosphere.
rue Jacquette de Montbron, 24310 Brantôme en Périgord - 05 53 45 77 04. Closed on sunday evening and monday, and Thursday during the winter.
12 minutes    -   Closed this evening


Charbonnel has a very refined gastronomic cuisine with superb quality produce. Formal but very professional service.
57 Rue Gambetta, 24310 Brantôme - 05 53 05 70 15 - Closed on sunday and monday. Closed until the 12th of March 2020.
12 minutes    -   Closed this evening

Côté Rivière

With a different style, Côté Rivière for simple and tasty cuisine. The terrace overlooking the Dronne is very small so book it in advance and if you can't, no problem, the inside room is tastefully decorated.
13 Boulevard Coligny, 24310 Brantôme - 05 53 46 60 30 - Closed wednesdays and from October to Mars


20 minutes    -   Closed this evening

L'Atelier des Sens

Creative, exquisite, inspired cuisine at l'Atelier des Sens. So much work in every plate, you would think you are in a Michelin stared restaurant. This restaurant that has only opened a year ago and already is a reference !
Grand Rue, 24310 Bourdeilles - 05 53 46 14 73 - Closed on Tuesday all year, and on Monday to Thursday evenings during the low season.!

Champagnac de Bel-Air

13 minutes    -   Closed this evening

Le Moulin du Roc

The Moulin du Roc, one star in the Michelin, offers gastronomic dinners where savoury mixes with lightness, in idyllic surroundings
Avenue Eugène le Roy, 24530 Champagnac-de-Belair - 05 53 02 86 00. Open from April to end of October - Closed on tuesday for both diner and lunch & wednesday for lunch only

Saint-Pardoux la Rivière

17 minutes    -   Open today for diner

L'Hôtel de France

In the restaurant of the Hôtel de France : generous regional cooking, fresh and creative cuisine with a hint of exoticism.
Grande Rue De La Barre, 24470 Saint Pardoux La Rivière - Open everyday except saturday for lunch (except in july and august) and sunday evening all year long.


22 minutes    -   Closed this evening

Le Moulin du Grand Etang

This restautant's situation is in itself a reason to go there: what a pleasure to have a stroll around the lake. Still, you'll come back for the 'gastronomique' food the chef masters so well. A feast for both the eyes and palate, at reasonable price. Carte and menus on the web site.
Le Grand Etang - 24360 Saint-Estèphe - 05 53 60 41 69 . Closed monday and tuesday in low season and only monday. Closed until 14 February 2020.

Saint Jean de Côle

23 minutes    -   Closed this evening

Le Temps des Mets

If you go to the splendid village of Saint-Jean de Côle, of al the good restaurants there, we do have a preference for Le temps des mets.
1 place du vieux pont, le bourg, 24800 Saint-Jean-de-Côle - 09 67 78 25 72. Low season: open friday and saturday evenings. High season: open every day for lunch and diner except sunday evening.

The markets

Morning markets we recommend:

  • Monday : Tocane-Saint-Apre market (35 min.)
  • Tuesday : througout the year, Mareuil-sur-Belle market and, mid-June to mid-September Brantôme market (12 min.). Another good reason to go to Mareuil is to visit 'Les caves du Bouteiller' the best wine merchant in the area
  • Wednesday : the large market in Piégut-Pluviers (26 min.) or the one in Périgueux (42 min.) which takes place on 3 different squares (place de la Clautre, place de l'ancien-Hôtel-de-ville, place Saint-Silain)
  • Thursday : La Coquille market (40 min.)
  • Friday : Brantôme market (12 min.)
  • Saturday : the market of Nontron (12 min.) or the one in Périgueux (42 min.) that occurs on 3 squares (place de la Clautre, place de l'ancien-Hôtel-de-ville, place Saint-Silain)
  • Sunday : Bourdeilles market (20 min.)